6week weight loss 2013 – The Winner Is..

Bernadette Lehmann won our 2013 ‘HAPPY NEW YOU – 6 week weightloss competition’. Here’s how she did it…

Paul Gloury – Personal Trainer: Bernadette, congratulations on the $500 cash! You looked great before the comp, yet still reduced your body fat by more than 3%.  Can you outline some of the changes you made to exercise and diet throughout the 6 weeks?

Bernadette’s ANSWER: Thankyou! I never went into the competition to lose weight, however once I knew my body fat percentage, I knew I could lower this. Goals can be very strange things. I dropped the exact amount of body fat percentage that I had decided, nothing more, nothing less. I weighed myself a few times in the early weeks but then stopped. By week 6 it was only when I jumped on the scales that I knew anything had changed at all.I still hadn’t dropped any kilos. However I did feel fitter physically and was feeling really good in general. I did have a clear goal and I felt it was an achievable one. I just was not aware that i achieved it.

WHAT I WAS HOPING TO ACHIEVE: Tone up a little more! Increase performance levels (fitness) by using the most efficient fuel (through diet).

DIET: Carla took us through some great ideas on what constitutes a healthy balanced diet. I looked at what i was doing right, at the bad habits that i had developed and what things I could improve on. I do have a fairly healthy diet however:

# bad habits that i had developed:  Drinking lots of milk coffees, skipping meals through lack of planning, not drinking enough water, crackers/savoury and dips when i am out socially.

#i implemented into my diet:  Always having food with me so I didn’t skip meals, increased my water intake, aimed to eat lower GI carbohydrates (as suggested by Carla during the program)

EXERCISE: I attended an extra Group Fitness session each week, increasing from 3-4 regular training sessions. As I don’t wear a heart rate monitor it was hard to be sure I was working at optimum levels. I tried to be aware to work at a strong intensity every time i trained. In the end I went with what felt right and how hard i could  push on the day.

Being part of the 6 week weightloss program provided the extra motivation I needed. It was so good to hear a practical and sensible eating plan that  encouraged the group to tackle their diet one step at a time. Simple fitness tests in conjunction with measuring weight, fat percentage etc was a handy tool to give us the ability to create some great goals. I really enjoyed the outdoor training sessions where there was an atmosphere of purpose and team! We were all in it together and there to help each other succeed

Paul Gloury – Personal Trainer: Once again Bernadette, congratulations from the team at Make Me Do It. You are a worthy winner and thanks for sharing your success! 

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