Carla and Karens return to full fitness: prepare to succeed

Written by Carla Johnson | MMDI’s chosen Dietician

Preparation – the key to healthy eating


No prep = hunger!!
I got lazy this week and suffered the consequences. It was Thursday night and not much left in the pantry so when it came to packing lunch on Friday, all I grabbed was the leftovers from dinner and a muesli bar. Friday turned into possibly the longest day of my life because I got hungry. Its the worst feeling when you know you usually eat but have nothing to eat. I gave the hinges on my desk drawer a workout from the amount of times I opened it hoping something would magically appear.
I discussed this with my personal training buddy Karen, and it appears I’m not the only one. So I made the decision to buy some dried fruit and nuts that night and leave a small stash in my desk for those days my pantry runs dry at home. The key to success is to be prepared at all times so you’ve got all morning and afternoon teas covered.
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Carla & Karens return to full fitness – working smarter not harder

Written by Carla Johnson | MMDI’s chosen Dietician

Pilates- my light bulb moment into training better, not necessarily harder 


Performing a Pilates move during week2

I’ve tried Pilates classes in the past and I seem to have always walked out feeling underworked and uninspired. Yoga was the ‘rebalancing’ time of my week but when time’s poor, you want to make the most of your workout time.
I recently started attending Make Me Do It  – Mat Pilates classes with Bernadette (see our Group Fitness Timetable). Today, we focused on lengthening our postures and suddenly in the midst of a plank, the penny dropped. I got the feeling of working hard with less effort. As I flattened my shoulders and “pulled them away from my ears”, my body aligned and I started to shake. Bad. Which a means I finally was working the right section of my body.
I was amazed at how little exertion I had given but that awareness into what your body’s doing meant the jumper came off 15mins into the session. The sweetest bit;  I walked out exhausted, stronger and still on cloud 9.
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Carla & Karen’s return to full fitness: Profiles

Written by Carla Johnson | MMDI’s chosen Dietician

Name: Carla Johnson
Age: 27
Occupation: Dietitian/Nutritionist
Fave indulgence: Cheese
Activity history: Dancing 20 years, Tennis, Basketball.
Illness or injuries restricting your health/training: Unfit-ness


Carla (left) and Kaz in training

Since returning from a glorious 3 month timeout from life in the European straits of the Med, reality has finally struck and its time I do something about me. Even being an educated dietitian doesn’t mean you escape the clamours of the muffin top… And I won’t lie. I indulged in the delights of Italy’s gelato, France’s pastries, Spain’s cervesza (beer) and sangria and Portugal’s amazing steak.. almost daily. So with the commencement of a new 6 week beginner bootcamp at MMDI, its a prime opportunity to join in, and do it together. In fact, I’ve also roped in new mum, Karen..

Name: Karen Gloury
Age: 32
Occupation: Photographer
Fave indulgence: Chocolate
Activity history: Personal training and MMDI Group Fit classes since 2011
Illness or injuries restricting your health/training: A 17 week old named Alex!

Karen finds herself in a similar predicament to myself. With baby Alex keeping her on her toes, Karen has found it difficult in the past months to fit in time to exercise and eat well. She admitted the other day that lunch doesn’t even happen if Alex tests out his lungs!

The main aim of our ‘journey’ (gotta love some reality TV jargon) is not so much to lose the weight, but to return to our pre travel/baby bodies which held a much healthier and much fitter human. I’ve complained to a few within the group training sessions that even my mental outlook to exercise hasn’t been crash hot and Negative Nellie has made a couple of appearances in the last few weeks.

The plan: We’ve upped our frequency and intensity of our training to 1 x Personal Training session with Paul as well as 2 x Make Me Do It group fitness sessions each week. I’m responsible for providing the healthy eating instructions to Karen and we’re aiming for 3 well balanced meals a day, with light snacks in between consisting of fruit, nuts, yoghurt, muesli bites and/or crackers and cheese. We are taking note of our fluids, alcohol included, and ensuring adequate hydration is achieved daily. The rule: treats are allowed in SMALL amounts, a couple of times a week. No “day off” as such, just consistency.

We’ll keep you up to date with our progress. Help us be accountable too.  Good luck boot campers and let the summer transformation begin!

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June 2013 Client of the month – Beth Johnson

Make Me Do It ‘Client of the Month’ aims to celebrate the success of our clients and inspire others to make a positive change in their lives.

Introducing Beth Johnson- Make Me Do It client of the month, June 2013

Beth is pictured with her daughter Eva at our April Fitness Event

Hi Beth, please tell us about yourself away from fitness

I enjoy getting outdoors with my husband Anthony and kids. I also love competing in obstacle races as they are always fun, especially with a group of friends have who have pledged to each other to try new challenges!

When did you start training with Make Me Do It?

I started training in February and have enjoyed the group fitness sessions since then

What have been your biggest challenges and achievements since you started training with Make Me Do It

My biggest challenge has been increasing my ability to run greater distances (also fitting in the sessions around kids and a husband who works shift work!!).

My achievements have been to complete the Go the Extra Mile 50km walk in may and bounce back from it pretty good (12 months ago it would’ve flattened me for three days!). Also recently completing an 8km night trail run at Lysterfield – I’ve always struggled to run close to, or more than, 5km so I was pretty happy to complete that one! Thanks Greg for pushing me!!

What are the things you most enjoy about Make Me Do It – group fitness and personal training sessions?

I find every session is a VERY thorough workout!! I always feel sore for the next two days! I also enjoy the friendliness of everyone and the monthly fitness events are great for building that team spirit! I also find that Greg and Paul are very encouraging and supportive, and always know how to push you beyond that comfort point to get that bit extra out of the session!

How has your life changed through improving your fitness?

A belief in myself that I can do things I had always thought I never could do. It’s amazing how much you can push yourself!

What are your future health and fitness goals?

I’m aiming to complete the Salomon Trail running series mid distance runs next year. This is a series of four runs in different national parks with distances ranging between 10-15 km. So the distances are a bit further than I’ve run before (and there’s a time limit to complete them in too)!!

What would you say to anyone thinking about training with Make Me Do It?

Definitely do it!! Well worth the commitment.

A final word?

Thank you Paul and the staff at MMDI for running great fitness programs at such a reasonable cost!! You always make a session worth coming to, thanks for your support, ‘pushing’ and encouragement over the last few months!

A note from Paul Gloury | Owner of MMDI

Beth has become a valued Group Fitness Member, consistently attending 3 classes per week as well as our monthly fitness events.  A fit and healthy example to others, Beth has proven brave enough to try anything MMDI can throw at her, recently completing an 8km Night Trail Run with Greg Moore (MMDI personal trainer). Congrats Beth, keep training hard and many thanks for supporting MMDI

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March 2013 Client of the month – Jennifer Beck

Make Me Do It ‘Client of the Month’ aims to celebrate the success of our clients and inspire others to make a positive change in their lives.

Introducing Jennifer Beck – Make Me Do It client of the month, March 2013

  • Winner – 6 week Fitness and weightloss comp – June 2012
  • Runner Up – 6 week Fitness and weightloss comp – Jan 2013
  • Personal Training client and Unlimited Group Fitness Member
  • Has attended almost every MMDI fundraiser and monthly event

Hi Jen, please tell us about yourself away from fitness

My personal interests are so far from fitness related – reading, movies, seeing live bands

When did you start training with Make Me Do It?

I started Group Fitness sessions with some friends in Nov 2011. Can’t believe its been that long! This was the only way I could convince myself to start but I soon added Personal Training Sessions which helped fast track my results.

What have been your biggest challenges and achievements since you started training with Make Me Do It

I think the first few sessions were the biggest challenge because i remember hurting for days afterwards. I hadn’t done any regular exercise since high school and felt totally unfit and embarrassed about it. The Mini Tough Mudder (March 2013 fitness event) was definately a challenge and i had the bruises to prove it.

My biggest achievement would have to be all the weight I’ve lost. It’s around 10kg and with the help of Make Me Do It – I’ve done it the right way and know how to sustain the results.  Heaps of people have commented on it and it’s been a great boost to my self-esteem

What are the things you most enjoy about Make Me Do It – group fitness and personal training sessions?

Definately the people I train with. I’ve met some amazing people and catching up with them is half the fun

How has your life changed through improving your fitness?

I feel like I have heaps more energy and I’m just a lot happier in general. Until recently I was working in a relatively high stress job and I found the group sessions would relieve much of the stress after a frustrating work day

What are your future health and fitness goals?

I want to continue to improve my endurance. I still dislike running and have to push myself to do it so I hope I can improve on this. I also want to improve my diet; having little time and being on a vegan diet I resorted to a lot of prepared meals and lazy options. I’ve changed this since taking part in the MMDI Weightloss programs with Carla Johnson (dietician) and Paul Gloury (personal trainer) but still occasionally relapse with junk food binges.

What would you say to anyone thinking about training with Make Me Do It?

Don’t think about it, just give it a go! This was one of the best things I have done and i don’t regret it for a second.

A note from Paul Gloury | Owner of MMDI – Jen was one of my first clients after starting MMDI. After seeing her struggle through her first couple sessions I wondered how long she would stick at it. 18 months on, I am so proud of what Jen has been able to achieve through consistency and some hard (but fun) work. Congrats Jen, we wish you all the best on your European travels…keep up your healthy lifestyle and we do expect the occasional facebook update!!

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January 2013 Client of the month – Amanda Sims

Make Me Do It ‘Client of the Month’ aims to celebrate the success of our clients and inspire others to make a positive change in their lives.

Introducing Amanda Sims – Make Me Do It client of the month, January 2013

Note from Paul Gloury – Owner of Make Me Do It.When Amanda started out, she phoned to enquire about Personal Training. I remember the first thing she mentioned was that she preferred not to train in a group environment. Whether it was confidence or a perception, it’s interesting to note that Amanda has now completed 120 group fitness sessions and isn’t looking back!


Amanda before MMDI 6 week weightloss challenge 2012

Amanda after MMDI 6 week weightloss 2012


  • Regular participant at Make Me Do It Group Fitness sessions
  • Regular Personal Training client
  • 6 week boxing (2012), 6 week weight-loss (winter 2012 and summer 2013), Monthly Fitness Events (Jan/Feb 2013)
  • Has inspired 5 of her friends to improve their fitness with Make Me Do It

Hi Amanda, please tell us about yourself away from fitness

Hi everyone! I like a lot of ME time whether it’s shopping or just watching a movie. My partner and I also love to go camping whenever we can.

When did you start training with Make Me Do It?

I started Personal Training with Paul in May 2012. In June I joined the 6 winter 6 week weightloss competition, run in conjunction with Carla Johnson (dietician).

Just by increasing my exercise, I managed to lose 6kg within a couple months. After that I sterted to pay more attention to what I was eating.

What have been your biggest challenges/achievements since you started training with Make Me Do It

To begin with, my biggest challenge was motivating myself but after a few classes the training became part of my routine and now part of my life! It really helped to meet other likeminded clients

My biggest achievement would be the amount of weight I lost in such a short time and the huge boost in my confidence and self esteem.

How has your life changed through improving your fitness?

I have heaps more energy to do everyday things, definitely more confidence in myself. Knowing the effort that has gone into changing myself has made me a lot happier in my own skin.

What are your future health and fitness goals?

A few of my close friends have joined in training with me, which is another motivating factor.  I’m aiming to complete the Feb Monthly Event -Mini Tough Muddder. Excited about the new programs being introduced. And looking forward to take on anything MMDI throws at me.

What would you say to anyone thinking about training with Make Me Do It?

Simply, this is the best thing I have done for myself. Have a go, you’ve got nothing to lose!



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6week weight loss 2013 – The Winner Is..

Bernadette Lehmann won our 2013 ‘HAPPY NEW YOU – 6 week weightloss competition’. Here’s how she did it…

Paul Gloury – Personal Trainer: Bernadette, congratulations on the $500 cash! You looked great before the comp, yet still reduced your body fat by more than 3%.  Can you outline some of the changes you made to exercise and diet throughout the 6 weeks?

Bernadette’s ANSWER: Thankyou! I never went into the competition to lose weight, however once I knew my body fat percentage, I knew I could lower this. Goals can be very strange things. I dropped the exact amount of body fat percentage that I had decided, nothing more, nothing less. I weighed myself a few times in the early weeks but then stopped. By week 6 it was only when I jumped on the scales that I knew anything had changed at all.I still hadn’t dropped any kilos. However I did feel fitter physically and was feeling really good in general. I did have a clear goal and I felt it was an achievable one. I just was not aware that i achieved it.

WHAT I WAS HOPING TO ACHIEVE: Tone up a little more! Increase performance levels (fitness) by using the most efficient fuel (through diet).

DIET: Carla took us through some great ideas on what constitutes a healthy balanced diet. I looked at what i was doing right, at the bad habits that i had developed and what things I could improve on. I do have a fairly healthy diet however:

# bad habits that i had developed:  Drinking lots of milk coffees, skipping meals through lack of planning, not drinking enough water, crackers/savoury and dips when i am out socially.

#i implemented into my diet:  Always having food with me so I didn’t skip meals, increased my water intake, aimed to eat lower GI carbohydrates (as suggested by Carla during the program)

EXERCISE: I attended an extra Group Fitness session each week, increasing from 3-4 regular training sessions. As I don’t wear a heart rate monitor it was hard to be sure I was working at optimum levels. I tried to be aware to work at a strong intensity every time i trained. In the end I went with what felt right and how hard i could  push on the day.

Being part of the 6 week weightloss program provided the extra motivation I needed. It was so good to hear a practical and sensible eating plan that  encouraged the group to tackle their diet one step at a time. Simple fitness tests in conjunction with measuring weight, fat percentage etc was a handy tool to give us the ability to create some great goals. I really enjoyed the outdoor training sessions where there was an atmosphere of purpose and team! We were all in it together and there to help each other succeed

Paul Gloury – Personal Trainer: Once again Bernadette, congratulations from the team at Make Me Do It. You are a worthy winner and thanks for sharing your success! 

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Feb 2013 Client of the Month – Bernadette Lehmann

Make Me Do It ‘Client of the Month’ aims to celebrate the success of our clients and inspire others to make a positive change in their lives.

Introducing Bernadette Lehmann – Make Me Do It client of the month, February 2013

  • Winner of 6 week weightloss comp – Feb 2013
  • Regular participant at Make Me Do It Group Fitness sessions
  • Regular Personal Training client
  • Has referred a number of family and friends to Make Me Do It

Hi Bernadette, please tell us about yourself away from fitness

Hi everyone, I have three beautiful daughters who are all in their twenties and two have started families of their own. So I no longer have to parent and can now enjoy a more equal relationship where we can just do things together. We can even train together! I have a man in my life who supports and encourages me in everything I do. I love Pilates, meditation, reiki, and many things of an esoteric nature. I love writing and have been known to put a few stories on red bubble for public viewing. Last year I visited an Ashram up in Dalesford at a Yoga retreat and spent 5 days either in a yoga class or meditation, spending many quiet hours sitting on acushion on the floor. This is what I consider bliss

When did you start training with Make Me Do It?

I attended some FREE Weekly FitCamps early in 2012. In July 2012 I joined a 6 week ‘intro to boxing’ program. I felt it was time to get myself a little more disciplined plus I wanted something new and fresh.  I started Personal Training sessions in conjunction with the boxing. A decision I will never regret, because it has helped build my fitness significantly. I continued with Personal Training after the boxing program ended and started attending Group Fitness classes.

Before all this I had been doing Pilates and resistance training for  several years. Cardio was something I just did occasionally. I thought I was doing enough (hard for me to believe now).

What have been your biggest challenges since you started training with Make Me Do It

My first few sessions, to say Personal Training was difficult is an understatement. I was used to doing slow and deliberate movements in Pilates. All of a sudden I had to speed everything up, and I felt completely out of my comfort zone. I cannot tell you when the point of change occurred, but everything about it gradually began to change. What seemed difficult began to feel a lot more natural and comfortable . I knew i would always be challenged. However the difference being, mentally and physically I toughened up. Over time I really began to enjoy how it made me feel.

And the commitment….you actually have to turn up. I find life can easily swallow up the time you put aside for training unless you stand firm and make it a priority. It is hard when you have to choose between something else you want to do but I’m so glad I made that commitment to my health and fitness.

How has your life changed through improving your fitness?

Becoming fit has had an impact on all aspects of my life. It has made me see myself differently and I feel more confident on the inside. I find it impacts on you every day, puts you in a good mood.  If training becomes a habit then you feel good more often than not. It has made me see strengths in myself that i didn’t know i had. It has made me go on to further study Pilates, i have just started a course where i am learning about the benefits of posture and moving well. I then intend to teach others. I love it so much but would never have pursued it if i didn’t join Make Me Do It.

What are your future health and fitness goals?

Answer1.My fitness goals are to keep improving my form and endurance. I would like to work on my running. I can see myself joining in the mini tough mudder at some stage, but i have to miss this month unfortunately. For someone who doesn’t like competing, nor getting sweaty, and definitely staying clean this is a big step.

What would you say to anyone thinking about training with Make Me Do It?

There is no coincidence that the correlation to how I’ve improved with my fitness and how I feel about myself relates to what kind of trainer I have. Anyone who has met Paul Gloury (owner of Make Me Do It) will know what i mean. Paul has time for everyone, he has a warm and engaging personality. He is full of enthusiasm and makes things sound possible and before you know it you are doing what you thought was impossible.  He is very consistent yet flexible in his approach and this gives you a great foundation to work from. Also from my experiences with Carla Johnson (dietician) and Greg Moore (Personal Trainer), I would highly recommend the Make Me Do It | Health & Fitness team

Although Bernadette was already very fit, she managed to win our recent 6 week weightloss challenge, collecting a $500 cash prize. Learn how she did it here



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Make Me Walk – Oxfam Fundraising Team

Please check out our team page, sponsored by Make Me Do It | Health & Fitness

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Fitness in the workplace

In 2003 Matthew G. Wattles and Chad Harris performed a study between The Relationship Between Fitness Levels and Employee’s Perceived Productivity, Job Satisfaction and Absenteeism. The findings of this study suggested that improved levels of fitness may positively improve all aspects of productivity, job satisfaction and absenteeism of employees in the workplace. In a further study by Cox et al. the study of two similar white-collar insurance companies demonstrated a 22% reduction in absenteeism with the introduction of a fitness program. Cox estimated a savings of $83,265 per year would be evident for the company with the introduction of the fitness program.

More than ever, employers are looking for ways to maximize revenue, decrease staff turnover and increase productivity. With this in mind Make Me Do It has tailored fitness programs specifically for the workplace.

How can our company help your company?

Our corporate fitness programs have proven extremely valuable for team leaders and managers in improving productivity within the workplace as well as improving relationships, motivation and team bonding within the company.

We are able to accommodate both the intensity and length of the sessions to the client as well as requests for indoor (in the office!) or outdoor sessions. Make Me Do It provides all the equipment. Our group fitness sessions cater for all levels of fitness, from beginner to advanced.


Staff fitness programs start from only $200 per session (based on 20 people) although we can cater up to 50ppl at one time.

Please talk to us about a range of different options for your workplace, including health and fitness seminars with our personal trainer and nutritionist offering advice to further enhance the results of your staff.

We service the following areas for Corporate Fitness

  • Melbourne CBD
  • Bayswater
  • Croydon
  • Kilsyth
  • Ringwood and surrounding suburbs
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