Carla & Karen’s return to full fitness: Profiles

Written by Carla Johnson | MMDI’s chosen Dietician

Name: Carla Johnson
Age: 27
Occupation: Dietitian/Nutritionist
Fave indulgence: Cheese
Activity history: Dancing 20 years, Tennis, Basketball.
Illness or injuries restricting your health/training: Unfit-ness


Carla (left) and Kaz in training

Since returning from a glorious 3 month timeout from life in the European straits of the Med, reality has finally struck and its time I do something about me. Even being an educated dietitian doesn’t mean you escape the clamours of the muffin top… And I won’t lie. I indulged in the delights of Italy’s gelato, France’s pastries, Spain’s cervesza (beer) and sangria and Portugal’s amazing steak.. almost daily. So with the commencement of a new 6 week beginner bootcamp at MMDI, its a prime opportunity to join in, and do it together. In fact, I’ve also roped in new mum, Karen..

Name: Karen Gloury
Age: 32
Occupation: Photographer
Fave indulgence: Chocolate
Activity history: Personal training and MMDI Group Fit classes since 2011
Illness or injuries restricting your health/training: A 17 week old named Alex!

Karen finds herself in a similar predicament to myself. With baby Alex keeping her on her toes, Karen has found it difficult in the past months to fit in time to exercise and eat well. She admitted the other day that lunch doesn’t even happen if Alex tests out his lungs!

The main aim of our ‘journey’ (gotta love some reality TV jargon) is not so much to lose the weight, but to return to our pre travel/baby bodies which held a much healthier and much fitter human. I’ve complained to a few within the group training sessions that even my mental outlook to exercise hasn’t been crash hot and Negative Nellie has made a couple of appearances in the last few weeks.

The plan: We’ve upped our frequency and intensity of our training to 1 x Personal Training session with Paul as well as 2 x Make Me Do It group fitness sessions each week. I’m responsible for providing the healthy eating instructions to Karen and we’re aiming for 3 well balanced meals a day, with light snacks in between consisting of fruit, nuts, yoghurt, muesli bites and/or crackers and cheese. We are taking note of our fluids, alcohol included, and ensuring adequate hydration is achieved daily. The rule: treats are allowed in SMALL amounts, a couple of times a week. No “day off” as such, just consistency.

We’ll keep you up to date with our progress. Help us be accountable too.  Good luck boot campers and let the summer transformation begin!

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