Feb 2013 Client of the Month – Bernadette Lehmann

Make Me Do It ‘Client of the Month’ aims to celebrate the success of our clients and inspire others to make a positive change in their lives.

Introducing Bernadette Lehmann – Make Me Do It client of the month, February 2013

  • Winner of 6 week weightloss comp – Feb 2013
  • Regular participant at Make Me Do It Group Fitness sessions
  • Regular Personal Training client
  • Has referred a number of family and friends to Make Me Do It

Hi Bernadette, please tell us about yourself away from fitness

Hi everyone, I have three beautiful daughters who are all in their twenties and two have started families of their own. So I no longer have to parent and can now enjoy a more equal relationship where we can just do things together. We can even train together! I have a man in my life who supports and encourages me in everything I do. I love Pilates, meditation, reiki, and many things of an esoteric nature. I love writing and have been known to put a few stories on red bubble for public viewing. Last year I visited an Ashram up in Dalesford at a Yoga retreat and spent 5 days either in a yoga class or meditation, spending many quiet hours sitting on acushion on the floor. This is what I consider bliss

When did you start training with Make Me Do It?

I attended some FREE Weekly FitCamps early in 2012. In July 2012 I joined a 6 week ‘intro to boxing’ program. I felt it was time to get myself a little more disciplined plus I wanted something new and fresh.  I started Personal Training sessions in conjunction with the boxing. A decision I will never regret, because it has helped build my fitness significantly. I continued with Personal Training after the boxing program ended and started attending Group Fitness classes.

Before all this I had been doing Pilates and resistance training for  several years. Cardio was something I just did occasionally. I thought I was doing enough (hard for me to believe now).

What have been your biggest challenges since you started training with Make Me Do It

My first few sessions, to say Personal Training was difficult is an understatement. I was used to doing slow and deliberate movements in Pilates. All of a sudden I had to speed everything up, and I felt completely out of my comfort zone. I cannot tell you when the point of change occurred, but everything about it gradually began to change. What seemed difficult began to feel a lot more natural and comfortable . I knew i would always be challenged. However the difference being, mentally and physically I toughened up. Over time I really began to enjoy how it made me feel.

And the commitment….you actually have to turn up. I find life can easily swallow up the time you put aside for training unless you stand firm and make it a priority. It is hard when you have to choose between something else you want to do but I’m so glad I made that commitment to my health and fitness.

How has your life changed through improving your fitness?

Becoming fit has had an impact on all aspects of my life. It has made me see myself differently and I feel more confident on the inside. I find it impacts on you every day, puts you in a good mood.  If training becomes a habit then you feel good more often than not. It has made me see strengths in myself that i didn’t know i had. It has made me go on to further study Pilates, i have just started a course where i am learning about the benefits of posture and moving well. I then intend to teach others. I love it so much but would never have pursued it if i didn’t join Make Me Do It.

What are your future health and fitness goals?

Answer1.My fitness goals are to keep improving my form and endurance. I would like to work on my running. I can see myself joining in the mini tough mudder at some stage, but i have to miss this month unfortunately. For someone who doesn’t like competing, nor getting sweaty, and definitely staying clean this is a big step.

What would you say to anyone thinking about training with Make Me Do It?

There is no coincidence that the correlation to how I’ve improved with my fitness and how I feel about myself relates to what kind of trainer I have. Anyone who has met Paul Gloury (owner of Make Me Do It) will know what i mean. Paul has time for everyone, he has a warm and engaging personality. He is full of enthusiasm and makes things sound possible and before you know it you are doing what you thought was impossible.  He is very consistent yet flexible in his approach and this gives you a great foundation to work from. Also from my experiences with Carla Johnson (dietician) and Greg Moore (Personal Trainer), I would highly recommend the Make Me Do It | Health & Fitness team

Although Bernadette was already very fit, she managed to win our recent 6 week weightloss challenge, collecting a $500 cash prize. Learn how she did it here



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