June 2013 Client of the month – Beth Johnson

Make Me Do It ‘Client of the Month’ aims to celebrate the success of our clients and inspire others to make a positive change in their lives.

Introducing Beth Johnson- Make Me Do It client of the month, June 2013

Beth is pictured with her daughter Eva at our April Fitness Event

Hi Beth, please tell us about yourself away from fitness

I enjoy getting outdoors with my husband Anthony and kids. I also love competing in obstacle races as they are always fun, especially with a group of friends have who have pledged to each other to try new challenges!

When did you start training with Make Me Do It?

I started training in February and have enjoyed the group fitness sessions since then

What have been your biggest challenges and achievements since you started training with Make Me Do It

My biggest challenge has been increasing my ability to run greater distances (also fitting in the sessions around kids and a husband who works shift work!!).

My achievements have been to complete the Go the Extra Mile 50km walk in may and bounce back from it pretty good (12 months ago it would’ve flattened me for three days!). Also recently completing an 8km night trail run at Lysterfield – I’ve always struggled to run close to, or more than, 5km so I was pretty happy to complete that one! Thanks Greg for pushing me!!

What are the things you most enjoy about Make Me Do It – group fitness and personal training sessions?

I find every session is a VERY thorough workout!! I always feel sore for the next two days! I also enjoy the friendliness of everyone and the monthly fitness events are great for building that team spirit! I also find that Greg and Paul are very encouraging and supportive, and always know how to push you beyond that comfort point to get that bit extra out of the session!

How has your life changed through improving your fitness?

A belief in myself that I can do things I had always thought I never could do. It’s amazing how much you can push yourself!

What are your future health and fitness goals?

I’m aiming to complete the Salomon Trail running series mid distance runs next year. This is a series of four runs in different national parks with distances ranging between 10-15 km. So the distances are a bit further than I’ve run before (and there’s a time limit to complete them in too)!!

What would you say to anyone thinking about training with Make Me Do It?

Definitely do it!! Well worth the commitment.

A final word?

Thank you Paul and the staff at MMDI for running great fitness programs at such a reasonable cost!! You always make a session worth coming to, thanks for your support, ‘pushing’ and encouragement over the last few months!

A note from Paul Gloury | Owner of MMDI

Beth has become a valued Group Fitness Member, consistently attending 3 classes per week as well as our monthly fitness events.  A fit and healthy example to others, Beth has proven brave enough to try anything MMDI can throw at her, recently completing an 8km Night Trail Run with Greg Moore (MMDI personal trainer). Congrats Beth, keep training hard and many thanks for supporting MMDI

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