March 2013 Client of the month – Jennifer Beck

Make Me Do It ‘Client of the Month’ aims to celebrate the success of our clients and inspire others to make a positive change in their lives.

Introducing Jennifer Beck – Make Me Do It client of the month, March 2013

  • Winner – 6 week Fitness and weightloss comp – June 2012
  • Runner Up – 6 week Fitness and weightloss comp – Jan 2013
  • Personal Training client and Unlimited Group Fitness Member
  • Has attended almost every MMDI fundraiser and monthly event

Hi Jen, please tell us about yourself away from fitness

My personal interests are so far from fitness related – reading, movies, seeing live bands

When did you start training with Make Me Do It?

I started Group Fitness sessions with some friends in Nov 2011. Can’t believe its been that long! This was the only way I could convince myself to start but I soon added Personal Training Sessions which helped fast track my results.

What have been your biggest challenges and achievements since you started training with Make Me Do It

I think the first few sessions were the biggest challenge because i remember hurting for days afterwards. I hadn’t done any regular exercise since high school and felt totally unfit and embarrassed about it.┬áThe Mini Tough Mudder (March 2013 fitness event) was definately a challenge and i had the bruises to prove it.

My biggest achievement would have to be all the weight I’ve lost. It’s around 10kg and with the help of Make Me Do It – I’ve done it the right way and know how to sustain the results. ┬áHeaps of people have commented on it and it’s been a great boost to my self-esteem

What are the things you most enjoy about Make Me Do It – group fitness and personal training sessions?

Definately the people I train with. I’ve met some amazing people and catching up with them is half the fun

How has your life changed through improving your fitness?

I feel like I have heaps more energy and I’m just a lot happier in general. Until recently I was working in a relatively high stress job and I found the group sessions would relieve much of the stress after a frustrating work day

What are your future health and fitness goals?

I want to continue to improve my endurance. I still dislike running and have to push myself to do it so I hope I can improve on this. I also want to improve my diet; having little time and being on a vegan diet I resorted to a lot of prepared meals and lazy options. I’ve changed this since taking part in the MMDI Weightloss programs with Carla Johnson (dietician) and Paul Gloury (personal trainer) but still occasionally relapse with junk food binges.

What would you say to anyone thinking about training with Make Me Do It?

Don’t think about it, just give it a go! This was one of the best things I have done and i don’t regret it for a second.

A note from Paul Gloury | Owner of MMDI – Jen was one of my first clients after starting MMDI. After seeing her struggle through her first couple sessions I wondered how long she would stick at it. 18 months on, I am so proud of what Jen has been able to achieve through consistency and some hard (but fun) work. Congrats Jen, we wish you all the best on your European travels…keep up your healthy lifestyle and we do expect the occasional facebook update!!

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