Carla & Karens return to full fitness – working smarter not harder

Written by Carla Johnson | MMDI’s chosen Dietician

Pilates- my light bulb moment into training better, not necessarily harder 


Performing a Pilates move during week2

I’ve tried Pilates classes in the past and I seem to have always walked out feeling underworked and uninspired. Yoga was the ‘rebalancing’ time of my week but when time’s poor, you want to make the most of your workout time.
I recently started attending Make Me Do It  – Mat Pilates classes with Bernadette (see our Group Fitness Timetable). Today, we focused on lengthening our postures and suddenly in the midst of a plank, the penny dropped. I got the feeling of working hard with less effort. As I flattened my shoulders and “pulled them away from my ears”, my body aligned and I started to shake. Bad. Which a means I finally was working the right section of my body.
I was amazed at how little exertion I had given but that awareness into what your body’s doing meant the jumper came off 15mins into the session. The sweetest bit;  I walked out exhausted, stronger and still on cloud 9.
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