Changes to our Summer Timetable

Happy New Year fitness fanatics! 2013 will be the second ‘official’ trading year for Make Me Do It. With your help, we’ve built a foundation which will allow for massive growth in the next 12 months!

Firstly, I can’t wait for the Happy New You Weightloss program starting on the 19th Jan (held in conjunction with Carla Johnson | Dietician). There are still 10+ spaces available. If you’re serious about losing weight and keeping it off please contact us asap!

As my clients will testify, 2012 was spent trialling countless ideas with our group fitness schedule. With only 1 trainer, its often hard to please every client or find the perfect fit with class times etc.

As we continue to build our client base, two of our goals for 2013 are as follows
1. Provide an indoor location for our winter classes.
2. Add a number of trainers to assist or run certain classes
With all that in mind I am really excited to announce a number of minor (yet significant) changes to our Summer Group Fitness Timetable, which will apply from Monday 14th Jan. We have aimed to create true value and lots of variety in your training!
Monday/Wednesday evenings.
6.30pm group classes have increased to 1 hour sessions, so you can really challenge yourself! 7.30pm becomes available for small groups or PT sessions for clients with specific goals. Please contact me for more info
Monday Madness 5.30pm and ‘Ladies only’ Fridays 9.30am
Congrats and thanks for supporting these great classes which are now part of our regular class schedule. Please enquire for more info about joining in!
Sundays – Monthly Events
We understand it can be difficult to drag yourself out of bed every Sunday after a long working week. Thats why Make Me Do It will now be providing a Monthly Event, such as a trip to the 1000 steps, beach session, mini Tough Mudder, cross country etc. MMDI Monthly Events will provide a great reason for you to train hard each month and something to look forward to.

Such exciting times lay ahead for Make Me Do It in 2013, I hope you can be part of it with us!!

Paul Gloury | Personal Trainer
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Make Me Do It – 2012 in Review

What a fantastic year 2012 was for Make Me Do It! Record breaking group fitness participation, 6 successful new programs, $1500 in fundraising and some wonderful new friendships are among the highlights of 2012. Make Me Do It ended the year content with all we’ve achieved but full of excitement for what lays ahead in 2013!

I would be effectively lying if I didn’t mention some of the challenges we faced..2 scrapped websites, a long cold winter, some botched advertising and dodgy equipment all played a significant role. Everything to this point has been a huge learning curve and I relish the opportunity to improve our performance every day.

Most importantly, we’ve seen outstanding results among our clients who are continually reporting success in fitness, weightloss, reduced stress relief and general happiness. Among our goals for 2013 are to celebrate some of these fantastic stories with you.

On a personal note, 2012 has been a wonderful year! In June I married the girl of my dreams and we started making plans for our future together, recently purchasing a property in Mooroolbark. Karens daily support and work behind the scenes has played a huge role in the development of Make Me Do It.

I’d like to say a personal thanks to all our clients, whether you have attended a free trial, the occasional personal training session or you are a regular participant at our Croydon and Lilydale classes. Without you, Make Me Do It simply would not be.

Can’t wait to embark on 2013!!

Paul Gloury | Personal Trainer




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Paul’s Top 5 Tips to a Healthier Christmas

Christmas is a great time to celebrate and let your hair down, but it shouldn’t mean you roll into the new year 5kg heavier and feeling like you swallowed a block of concrete!!
Here’s my top 5 tips for maintaining your weight during the festive season.
1. Exercise 
A 30 min walk, twice per day is a great way to offset those extras calories. Take the dog first thing in the morning before all the unwrapping begins. After lunch, walk the kids to the local playground and push them on the swings. Its daylight savings and light until 9pm!!!…take a stroll after dinner and have some time to yourself.
2. Don’t over indulge!!
With the huge variety of food on offer its easy to pile up your plate! And lets be honest, who doesn’t feel the need to go back for seconds?  Try taking smaller samples of your favourite foods..and eat slowly.
3. Limit Alcohol
Be merry, but not too merry! There’s no easy way to say this…alcohol in large quantities makes you fat.
4. Limit snacks
Write down the treats that you will allow yourself each day, and stick to them. By all means, enjoy some Christmas Pudding but avoid sitting next to the cheese tray. Some of the real no-no’s listed here..pastries, savoury snacks and fried meat served on a tooth-pick.
5. Drink plenty of water
At the very least, try to match every glass of fizz or alcohol with a glass of water. A great way of releasing toxins and water will make you feel fuller btw meals.
Have a safe and Merry Christmas!
From the team at Make Me Do It | Health and Fitness

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